What are my truths?

The next step after I had given myself permission to not be “okay” (didn’t read that post? find it here!), was being honest about my truths.

I had to be honest with myself about the things that I was believing as true, whether or not they really were.

Now, don’t get confused. This is not the same thing as beliefs. Beliefs are the truths that are found in the Word of God, that if you have a relationship with Jesus, you believe are 100% true, no question.

What I am talking about here are the truths that are rooted deep in our hearts that affect the way we interact with each other and how we live our lives. It took me many days (if not weeks) to quiet my heart and life enough to be honest with myself (and help from the Holy Spirit) in order to identify these truths.

I will say, that this was not an easy process. Mainly because many of these truths I would not have told you I was actually believing. I had deceived myself and in turn, I was living with invisible chains that needed to be exposed in the light.

To help shed light on some lies that you might be unknowingly believing as truth, I wanted to share a couple that I identified in my life.

  1. In order to be a good christian girl, I am not allowed to have questions about God or doubt my faith. I have to always just believe.
  2. I have to always be strong. That weakness is vulnerability and God has called me to be strong to show that He is strong.
  3. I am not allowed to be sad because God has so richly blessed me, who am I to not find joy in this life?

Do you relate to any of these truths that I identified? Do you get mad reading them? Or instantly have verses that come to mind to refute them? Me too! That is why it is so hard to be honest, because we KNOW they aren’t true- but we still are so quick to believe (and act) like they are.

I won’t take the time in this post to refute these lies and shine truth (that’s for the next post!)

The goal of this post is to help you have a starting point for identifying the lies that you might be believing as truth.

Take it from me, once you can quiet your heart and be honest with yourself and bring these lies into the light of truth. That is where God will meet you and be so gracious to lead you in the way of healing and wholeness.


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